The Games Portal – published in several countries

Portals with different content have now been published in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Examples of papers using this solution with different features from us are Vasabladet and Österbottningen, Moss Avis, and now Hemmets Journal.

The games portal is an adaptable white label solution and the customer decides which games and features to populate it with. The layout can be adapted to suit the customer’s graphic profile. The games are universal and easy to customize. Choose between our engaging games, such as Memo, Sliding Puzzle and Hidden Views, and from our wide variety of crosswords, number games and comics.

In addition to providing great entertainment for your visitors, the games portal is also an effective marketing tool through gamification. 

For example, a publishing company could use Bulls’ Memo to market their books and Hidden Views to market their writers. 

High score and challenges

The chance of seeing their name on the high score list encourages players to return to improve their score. Players can also challenge their friends to a game, an effective way to drive traffic to your site. 


I will find the perfect solution for you.

Hedley Grönqvist

Sales Manager Media, editorial

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